United 4 Love, Tolerance and Forgiveness.

The United 4 Love – Tolerance – Forgiveness project is a flagship project of The Clarion Development Agency as it tackles the challenges facing the nation at source. Our society is plagued by high levels of intelerance and this works against all efforts made to improve the lives of the people. A culture of intolerance brings with it an atmosphere of fear and all other vices emanating from it. In the face of the debate around corruption and state capture, we are asking everyone to watch out for the reverse effect of the debate which comes from finger pointing and the illusory belief in sainthood and the mistaken vilification of the other. We have the firm belief that all of us have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. We should therefore treat each situation with total humility and understanding, striving always to provide support to the weak..

The world is build on the principle that good and evil have to co-exist in order to create balance in society. To have electricity we need both the positive and the negative and one without the other will lead to no power. In the same way, the world will have no meaning without both forces of good and evil at play with each having a specific role to play. It is therefore not our mission to exterminate the forces of evil because for every negative action an equal amount of good is created on the other side. The state capture debate should thus create an opportunity introspection rather vilification.

Live Better! Live Brighter! Live Ubuntu!

When we look at life today, we see that every action of man is geared towards the fulfilment of the desire to live, the desire to know, and the desire for power. In the fulfilment of this desire man hopes to find peace and happiness.

And so, the moment a child is born, his parents or guardians start paving the way for him to get a good education, so that out of that education he can find a job and live a better life. This is the routine the world over. But in the current economic climate, the world is in very short supply of employment to cater for the growing needs of the population. And even when it does, the rewards are not good enough to allow for the kind of living that the young graduate had hoped for. So, each time it’s back to square one. We have to constantly recreate in order to make a meaningful living and this takes away all our energies.

But how does one make a meaningful living in a world that is driven by materialism? How does one make a meaningful living in a world lacking in Ubuntu? A world that is short of Love, Tolerance and Forgiveness.

What inspires people into inventions, if it’s not Love? What inspires people into creativity if it’s not Love? What inspires people into arts and beauty if it’s not Love? What elevates people if it’s not Tolerance? What liberates people if it’s not Forgiveness?

This project is about rekindling the spirit of Ubuntu in the mind of the citizen of this country and the continent. It serves as a springboard for the realisation of a better today and a brighter tomorrow and goes to show that without these attributes, the happiness and joy we are constantly searching for in the material things will forever be out of reach.

Loudest in Silence

Loudest in Silence is a project inspired by the recent spate of fatal violent incidents in schools. Two such incidents led to the death of two learners. This led to a general outcry and a call for protection to be provided for what, I don’t know.

The reality is that bringing extra security into a negative environment only brings in more negativity. What is needed in this case is action that brings in positive energy.

Loudest in Silence is one such project that is aimed at tackling this issue in a positive way. It uses approaches never before used but that can certainly begin to influence learners towards a more positive approach to their lives.

We are the Helping Hands of God for these Children

These children get to experience the love of God only through people like you and I. Unless we share that Love, in the spirit of Ubuntu with them, their hopes for a better today and a brighter tomorrow will be nothing but a dream.

Insure A Child’s Future. Give it Some Love, the Ubuntu Way.

Insure A Child’s Future. Give it Some Love, the Ubuntu Way.

Insure A Child’s Future. Give it Some Love, the Ubuntu Way.

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