Making good choices is not something children naturally know how to do. Life skills education prepares children for the real world so they know what to do in everyday situations. Educating life skills starts at home before extending to schools. One of the legacies of modern society is the destruction of the family structures, which is even worse in the townships and there the effects of the social ills prevailing. With as many orphans as there are in our society, the basics of life skills are a scarce commodity. The result is children who enter primary school without the foundation required to make them successful.

It is not surprising that we experience a huge gap in decision-making, critical thinking, perspective-taking, communication, taking on challenges, making connections, etc. among some of our children. It is part of the experience they have had and something that needs to be tackled.

Our Life Skills training programs are aimed at both the children, their caregivers and members of the community they live in. At the Clarion Development Agency, our belief is that we are each other's teachers and because children tend to copy a lot from people they associate with, we dare not train the ones and leave the others.

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