At The Clarion Development Agency, a home for children is a place where they experience the joy and love of being children because they are a gift from God. It is not our goal to erect camps for abandoned and vulnerable children. We seek as much as possible to ensure that children are brought up in family structures, in which case all the necessary support is provided to cater for all the needs of both the children and their guardians.

The challenges of modern living however, are such that it is not always possible to find such places of harmony where children can be brought up with the necessary support and protection they need to be functional members of society. In this case we are developing with the help of our partners, loving homes in a family environment with houseparents where children are divided by age and gender. As with our leadership team, our children's home staff is to share a dedication to our mission to educate, empower, and equip.

It is important to have each child growing up feeling secure, loved and well taken care of.