There are many children suffering from malnutrition particularly in poverty striken areas. With the support we get from our partners and generous donors, we are able to provide life-saving care through this program. This enables us to save many lives and restore wellbeing. Our Baby Rescue program enables us to empower families through quality medical care, preventative health and wellness education and healthy nutrition.

Through proper nutrition diseases emanating from malnutrition can be prevented, hence our focus on provided healthy nutrition to malnourished babies and empowering their parents or guardians to be more active in their lives and not rely entirely on the welfare system.

In many cases hopelessness contributes to a life of hardship. Through our various programs we are able to re-energise the lives of the people so that they can see for themselves the opportunities that are sometimes hard to see in certain circumstances.

In case of voluntary abandonment, we provide the necessary assistance required to experience the same love and care that comes with being in loving home.

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