Dear Friends

A sense of gratitude and a desire to give back are common virtues in any flourishing community. This is why as members of a community, we are doing more to enable struggling families in our community to take care of themselves and their children during the Covid-19 pandemic.

No child must go to bed hungry and no child must end in the streets because of hunger and poverty.

My name is Meisie Ndonyane from Let’s Share. Together with my team, we want to do more to help our community fight the effects of Covid-19 and materialise the dream of a prosperous South Africa.

We stop hunger and and interupt the cycle of poverty for children and needy families in our community thereby helping to create a thriving society.

We have built a platform called Let’s Share, allowing you to contribute towards a child’s or family meal from as little as R10.


In the Let’s Share team, no effort is spared to mitigate the unprecedented challenge this crisis has exposed us to by addressing the food shortages and associated effects. We are offering support across many cities, districts and towns throughout the country.

Food Services

While many are fortunate to receive support from government agencies and other NGOs, thousands of children, families and homeless are stranded in cities and towns, hungry and homeless. Through Let’s Share we collect funds from the local community, and other support groups to assist all those affected with food and food parcels.

We want to grow and expand our beneficiaries daily as funds come through and have broken down our operation centres into cities, towns and local councils according to the specific needs of each area.

The targetted beneficiaries are primarily those that have been adversely affected by the measured imposed to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

winter blankets appeal

10000 Winter Blankets Drive

This winter we want to reach out to at least 10000 needy people through Let’s Share and provide them with a blanket so they can keep warm. By helping us meet this target, you will be helping to share the gift of warmth with all those who lived below the breadline prior to Covid-19 and are now in a worse position to look after themselves. Poverty is a reality but you and I can help reduce its impact in our community through simple acts of kindness likes these. There are many ways to give, either through direct donation or by shipping your in-kind donation to us.

We Need Your Support

As days go by, hunger is increasingly and indicriminately becoming a reality in many households and this is overwhelming our little resources. As a result, we are experiencing challenges in providing support to all the disadvantaged families out there and this poses an enormous challenge to the sustainability of our operations.

Therefore, we are pleading to every one with the means to contribute to do so and donate towards the Let’s Share Relief Fund.

Any donation large or small is sure to help our organisation respond to the call to support the relief effort in the country.

The Let’s Share Fund has been set up to support those affected by the crisis including children and their families, the homeless and also cater for thousands of others in distress in our communities severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.