Early childhood is widely regarded as the most rapid period of development in a human life. It is also the most important as it is in this period that the foundation for future wellbeing and learning is laid. A research published by UNICEF has shown that half of a person’s intelligence potential is developed by age four and that early childhood interventions can have a lasting effect on intellectual capacity, personality, and social behaviour. It is therefore important to invest in these early years of the children’s lives. These years are critical for mental and psychological development. According to UNICEF, a failure to invest in Early Childhood Development can result in development delay and disability as well as inhibit the optimal development and performance of children throughout their lives.

At The Clarion Development Agency we view this stage of development as critical in preparing tomorrow’s leaders. Life is not just about building the intellectual capacity as most parents would want to believe. It is primarily about the mental capacity. A strong mentality enables a child to be strong enough to handle life’s challenges which are part of the experience of life. With a strong mentality a child can successfully make use of his knowledge to add value to society when he has reached maturity.

We are the Helping Hands of God for these Children

These children get to experience the love of God only through people like you and I. Unless we share that Love, in the spirit of Ubuntu with them, their hopes for a better today and a brighter tomorrow will be nothing but a dream.

Insure A Child’s Future. Give it Some Love, the Ubuntu Way.

Insure A Child’s Future. Give it Some Love, the Ubuntu Way.

Insure A Child’s Future. Give it Some Love, the Ubuntu Way.

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