Do you want to lend a hand to contribute to a better today and a brighter tomorrow through our programs? We well your interest and values the support we receive from all our incredible volunteers.


invest in our programs and help create conditions for a better today and a brighter future. Start now by donating . We make it very easy to give. Just click here to give or to sponsor a program. A donation from you means creating hope for tomorrow among the hopeless!


We invite you to partner with us and participate in our mission of creating a better today and brighter future for our country. Your fundraising efforts will help multiply the platforms for educating our communities about tolerance, forgiveness and togetherness. Speak to us about how you can create a successful fundraiser.

Become a Love Champion.

We are looking for people to represent The Clarion Development Agency in the rest of the country. If you have a passion for service and the desire to contribute to a better today and brighter future for our country, please contact us to learn more about becoming a Love Champion for The Clarion Development Agency.

Raise Funds or Awareness on Facebook.

You can make a huge difference in South Africa by creating your own fundraiser through our Facebook page. Creating a fundraiser is easy and is a great way to invite your friends and family members to contribute to The Clarion Development Agency's cause.

Host an event.

You can make a direct impact in the lives of the community you live in or the people you work with, by hosting a talk or a workshop.

Contact our office to discuss more ways to get involved!

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