Align your brand to our cause. Align your brand to our mission and vision and help create better today and brighter tomorrow for those you service.

There has never been a better time to invest in the future of this country than now. We are probably at our lowest and that makes it the best time.

Of what value is my wealth if not used add value to the lives of the needy? Of what value is my time if not used to create conditions for a better tomorrow? Of what value is my car if not used to transport the poor? Of what value is my house if not used to provide shelter for the homeless? Of what value is my food if not used to feed the hungry?

Our message helps create conditions for a better today and can add great value to your brand. Our message creates conditions for empowerment that create conditions for a joyful, peaceful and prosperous life and a thriving economy.

Resources we have, both material and human. What is missing in our country is an atmosphere of love, forgiveness and tolerance. Tolerance creates conditions for the spirit of Ubuntu in our community, where every action seeks to take care of everyone's needs, rich and poor, black and white, regardless.

Sponsor a Child

Your Sponsorship Creates Wellbeing

Meet Eric

His father abandoned his mother when he was just three years old. His mother was very sick and wasn't able to care for him. So, she entrusted him to a children's home to raise and empower him. With the help of sponsors, today, at twenty years old, Thabang's outlook on life has changed and he aspires to be a professional musician. Sponsorship changes lives!

Sponsor a Child

Meet Pretty

Lerato comes from a very poor family. She attends a local school and loves being able to go to school every day. When she was 3 she got very sick but a children's home through a child's sponsor was there to provide life-saving care. You are making the future bright through sponsorship!

Sponsor a Child

Meet Idah

Idah was rescued from a local public hospital where she had been abandoned. She has special needs, and the hospital did not have the resources to properly care for her. She was welcomed into a children's home. Thank you for saving the life of a precious child like Idah by sponsoring!

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child Now

Your donation each month provides children in need with healthy and nutritious food, clean water, well-balanced education, annd life-saving medical care. Most of all, you will be sharing love and hope with your sponsored child. Through sponsorship, you have the opportunity to invest in the life of a future leader of South Africa.

Sponsor a Child