When The Messenger Is Come! (Daniel 4 – Holy Bible)

Being non-African at this time in history seems like a curse when looking at the damage Covid-19 is causing to the world’s superpowers. At first when it started in China, I was among the first to declare that America is responsible for implanting this virus in China to stop them from spreading their wings in Africa and Europe. I based my reasoning on the fact that neither Europe nor Africa had heeded America’s call not to accepted China’s 5G technology. Both Africa and Europe stubbornly decided to give it a try, despite America’s blackmail and the risks associated with doing business with China. Therefore, my argument was reasonably compelling. But then, with the effect of globalisation and the inevitable movement of people, infections moved to countries other than China to eventually hit Italy and its neighbours very hard. While Italy was gearing up for a fight against the virus, America was slowly being sunk in as well, leaving behind damages that seem incomprehensible to the ordinary mind.

That is because man has forgotten he is not an ordinary being. He is a creator of God, and whatever he owns comes from the Creator. The man of today has succumbed to the temptation of praising himself for all his achievements to the point where a series of leaders have arisen, leaders who consider themselves above God and have gotten used to guiding the lives of other people on the planet.

Covid-19 is not just a pandemic. Covid-19 is the effect of what God had already prophesied in Daniel chapter 4 of the Holy Bible. One must remember that it is they Europeans and Americans, currently among the highest causalities that introduced the Bible to the rest of the world. They distribute millions each year in Africa and other parts of the world. But like I wrote in the past, they deprived the world of the spirit of the Bible which was meant to be a book for daily living. The imperialist forces of this world connived with Rome to make the Bible an instrument of exploitation. They developed their wealth on not only greed but mainly deceit. They presented God in a way that he was not and went on to send a multitude of religions in Africa and the world such as the Eckankar, Seventh-day Adventist church, the Watchtowers and the Pentecostal churches, each with its own view of what the return of the Messenger meant.

If truth be told, the base of God has always been Africa. The heart of God has consistently been in Africa, and Africans are God’s chosen people. The oppression that they endured and continued to endure until recently from the West is what is related in the Bible and when God promised to send out a Messenger, it was in line with this truth. The West, with the help of Rome, in Italy presented the Messenger as a Caucasian figure so as to confirm their narrative that a Caucasian person is superior to other races. To strengthen this narrative, they invested in religions whose primary target was Africa, and whose sole view of the Messiah was a Caucasian figure. The African person, therefore, grew up with the expectation of the return of a Caucasian Messiah in person or a Messiah with the spirit of a Caucasian person.

The Western mindset is a criminal mindset and the truth is they developed their wealth at the expense of others. They increased their wealth at the expense of the Africans and the poorest of the poor of this world. They have gone so far in this that America began to consider itself above God and started imposing sanctions on any nation that did not do as it requested. But that was only a trap for themselves in preparation for the return of the Messenger and God’s plan of redemption for his people. America is a fool. Europe is a fool to consider that they could just continue with their oppression with impunity.

Whatever it is they have in the West comes from Africa, the unique source of inspiration for mankind. For Europe or America to consider itself more intelligent or advanced is simply an abomination. How can countries like theirs that are considered more hygienic be hit by a virus that requires a hygienic lifestyle?

According to Daniel 4 in the Holy Bible, this time was to come. Regrettably for the West, they thought they were cheating the poor in Africa by corrupting the spirit of the Bible. They only set a trap for themselves. Because now that the Messenger of God spoken of in the Quran and the Bible has returned they have been found wanting. A man from the West has never been as confounded as they are currently as written in Daniel 4:33 “Immediately what had been said about Nebuchadnezzar was fulfilled. He was driven away from people and ate grass like the ox. His body was drenched with the dew of heaven until his hair grew like the feathers of an eagle and his nails like the claws of a bird.”. Where is the intelligence they claim they possess to find a cure for Covid-19? Where is their intelligence to halt the spread of this virus?

Without Africa, the West has no leg to stand on and that is a fact. To find out where this is headed the story of Nebuchanedzzar in the Bible can enlighten us further. Now is the time for Africa to shine. Now is the time for the chosen people of God and a payback time for Europe and America and in particular America who had grown to consider itself above God.

What an opportunity for humanity to regain its dignity. What an opportunity for Africa to regain its respect as the abode of God. The looting of our natural resources was only a symbol of the exploitation of our spiritual powers by Western countries at our own expense. Now that the recession is evident in Europe, America and China, it is time to take this further and for each African to consider Ubuntu as the exclusive way of life as commanded by the Messenger Himself through Philippians 2:3-4:Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. That’s called Ubuntu, not a human command but God’s for his people, the people of Africa and the world.

I am Emmanuel. Nkosinathi. God with us.