It’s the End of the World

Today is my birthday, a very special day for me and my family. I have had to celebrate many birthdays but of particular importance is this one as it falls on the day when the whole country will be forced into lockdown due to Covid-19. Since the start of this health crisis, I have been very vocal about it and its attack on countries from the West. I have also been extremely vocal about today being the end of the world. And I am certain some wait for that end in anticipation taking into account the uncertainty with which life is at the moment but the majority would want to think I am crazy.

When one looks at life in general, be it the life of vegetables, animals or rocks, it requires balance. Balance is required for a human being to walk steadily on any surface. A lack of it will absolutely force him to fall. In the case of our world today, up until the advent of Covid-19 man lived his life as though his chief purpose was to be born, grow, go to school, find a job, get married, have children, have fun, go to church, get old and die. That has been the daily routine of man on this planet earth. And all this in addition to a few more, is influence by the western ways of living.

Whichever country one travels to these days, there is no education system that does not have influences of the west. And these influences which are not limited to education extend to culture and other traditions. What this means is that our young people enter the world with the aim of developing an identity that is totally influenced by the ways of the West.

The world we lived in up to the advent of Covid-19 was a western world throughout the globe and no single country is spared except perhaps North Korea and they have not declared a single case of Covid-19 to date, at least to my knowledge. The influence became so strong that one country, the USA that is, took upon itself a big brother’s role, dictating to the rest of the world how theirs affairs should be run and when instructions were unheeded, sanctions followed. That is the world we lived in up to the advent of Covid-19. Knowing the USA are the custodian of capitalism, one can say we lived in a world of capitalism. When the US economy performed well, everyone thought it right to reproduce their model.

But Covid-19 which first started in China and seems to have subsided there is coming to expose the weaknesses of that world. People are dying in thousands in western countries with infrastructure our own countries cannot compare against.

Spain is desperate. France is desperate. The UK is desperate. The US too is desperate and this is what one would never have expected, looking at the infrastructure these countries display.
The Bible highlights the dangers of western influences particularly in the story of the fall of Adam and Eve. It is my view that what is referred to as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the western culture, which expose us to education, knowledge, science and many other good things. In the same way the colonisers successfully tempted us with their ways of living, so did the serpent with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Western education has brought many changes in our ways of living; many positive changes. But it is these changes that have caused imbalances in our world today. Imbalances that result in the most challenging health crisis mankind has ever experienced. When we talk of crime, it is influenced by the west. When we talk of corruption, it is influenced by the west. When we talk about violence, it is influenced by the west. That is how strong these western influences are.

A new world has been created, new trends set and a new God created in the form of the West. Our own African leaders have been rendered totally depended on the West for everything they do. Whenever they need money, they look to the West. When they need advice, they turn to the West. When they need guidance, they turn to the West. The western influence had become so strong that the other side of life had to give in, necessitating the intervention of the Creator.

Genesis 6: 1-2 teaches that “When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.” These verses suggests that not all members of our society are sons of God. Not all human beings are sons of God and what that means is that for God to guard man against the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that the western influence bring was to protect His own children; it was to protect His people.

Through the practice of colonisation and slavery, the people of God were weakened, and the concept of the Messiah in the Bible teaches that whenever His people were besieged, God intervened by sending someone to help out. In the Gospels, there was a promise of Jesus’ return to save His people and this advent according to the Bible was to be preceded by a series of events like those we witness in the world today in the form of violence, wars, corruption, etc.

The role of the Messiah is not only to rescue His people but also to conquer the lost ground. Our exposure to western imperialism has certainly exposed mankind to the sort of life that made him lose sight of who he truly His and led him to the worship of a God other than the Almighty God, Creator of the heavens and the earth. Each time someone in our land had a problem his first start would be to look for money and only then would he think about God. The Bible says in Matthew 6:33, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” That is a command from God but through western influences, things turn the other way round, necessitating divine intervention.

The world of God became captured by the West and unless God intervened through Covid-19, His own kingdom was going to be overthrown. In Daniel 4, the Bible talks about King Nebuchadnezzar who had grown a power as big as America and their leader. He thought himself so powerful that he considered himself above the Almighty God. And just at the pick of his power, God would bring him down.

Today in the West, despite their wealth and knowledge they have found themselves incapable of dealing with the Covid-19, leading to thousands of deaths and the destruction of their once very powerful economies. The African economies that were built to be dependent on the West are suddenly left vulnerable. Each affected country has now put measures aimed at its own economy leaving Africa on its own.

On our own really? Not a chance, Covid-19 brings to an end the negative impact that western influences caused but creates opportunities for an Africa that can stand on its own. An Africa that is supported by the Almighty God. The temptation to seek advice from the pockets of western influence well established in our land must now stop.

It is time for an economy that is truly African. It is time for a democracy that is truly African. it is time to reclaim our identity as Africans and sons and daughters of God.   

Covid-19 has not only come to rekindle our sense of idenity but most importantly it has brought to end the world of the West that was starting to become a thorn in the flesh of our people. Today, March 26, 2020, the western world in our land, the land of God is coming to an end. To God be the Glory!

I am Emmanuel. Nkosinathi. God with us.