Africans, Favoured Sons and Daughters of God

As human beings living on this planet earth we differ in many different ways, despite the many common traits we have. Among the things we have in common, the most is the way we are produced and brought into this world. The next point of similarity would be the coming into the world through a mother’s womb. This is part of the creation process that goes from a mere relationship to the production of an independent human being.

The Bible teaches that a living human being is composed of both matter and spirit and says that breath was pushed through the nostrils of the clay to turn it into a living being. So, when a child is born, it breathes its first breath and it is that breath that gives a sign to the nurses and its mother that it is alive. As this child grows, its spirit begins to express itself and associate with its surroundings. There comes a time in the child’s life when it begins to differentiate between forms and colour; it begins creating associations on the basis of the spirit guiding it.

We have many instances where in the presence of some people the child is gleeful and in the midst of others it cries uncontrollably. What happens is its spirit does associates with some and does not with others. The fact is, just like a magnet which has materials we can stick it to and others we cannot, so is the spirit of a human being. It is therefore not a crime to say that Africans and Westerners are not of the same spirit.

One may argue that because we are created by the same God we should also be carrying the same spirits but that is untrue. Yes, we breathe the same breath to come to life but in that breath the spirit we carry differ one from another. This spirit differs according to the purpose for which it came to be. This spirit differs according to the family to which it is associated. That family will lay the platform necessary for it to play its role in society.

A child born from Jewish parents will carry a spirit that enables it to play the role it is meant to play as a Jew. The same applies to a child born from African parents. The Bible in the book of Genesis 6:1-3 says: “When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. Then the Lord said, “My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.”” These verses suggest that, not all human beings were considered sons and daughters of God. In these verses it goes as far as contending that the associations between sons of God and humans were beginning to corrupt His plans, divert His sons from their purpose and lead to wickedness on the earth.

It would therefore not be an exaggeration to say that Africans and Westerners do not create fruitful associations. We were not created to associate in the way that we have. Our purposes are different. Our cultures are different. Our traditions are different. Our skin colours are different and even our spirits are different. Africans and Westerners are not the same. And the conflict between Africans and Westerners can be taken from the time of Cain and Abel. Both were created by God but one felt the other was more favoured by God and decided to bring his life to an end.

I would like to suggest that of all the humans species created by God, Africans were by far the closest to His heart. Many are convinced the base of God is in Africa and that the spirit of God is more active in African people. It was actually this spirit that attracted Europeans in our land before their materialistic spirits got the better of them, and forced them into trade of slaves to help them in their quest to grow their economies.

This conflict between the capitalistic spirit of the Westerners and that of the African people has degenerated into what we experience today. The West from the time of colonisation has worked to maintain its dominance over the people of Africa. Despite the vast resources in our land; resources that would guarantee a better life for all Africans, they in the West still ensure we benefit nothing from these but instead that we continuously depend on them for survival.

They infiltrated all aspects of the Africans lives and forced us into religious practices that are foreign to our traditions as original sons and daughters of God. Our spiritual traditions, they demonised and presented God to us in their own way; a way that is totally contradictory to the Bible’s own perspectives of God. The Westerners presented God as a Caucasian folk, his son Jesus as Caucasian and everybody in the family of God as Caucasian. But this is contrary to the original position of God.

For many centuries Africans were robbed of their heritage as sons and daughters of God by Westerners jealous of the privileges that this status brought with it. Since in life, everything must eventually come to an end, we are seeing a response from our Father, who Himself got tired of the torture His children have gone through and in this response it is obvious that the Westerners usurped our role all this time and have no inheritance to claim from the Creator. Nothing at all! Awakened to this reality, it is now time to reclaim our positions as sons and daughters of God. To God be the Glory!

I am Emmanuel. Nkosinathi. God with us.