A Case for a Reset

Before you start writing an article, and I am sure everyone has had this experience, you look for inspiration in someone or something. In my case, I derive my inspiration from nature. By nature I mean everything that surrounds us and helps make sense of our life. It includes all that God created and all else man thinks, he invented. For me that’s nature and there are a lot to draw from it to help make our lives easier and better.

For this particularly article I received inspiration from my daughter’s mobile phone. It is continually loosing Wi-Fi connectivity and each time that happens, I have to follow the factory reset protocol in other make it useful again. I do this almost weekly until I am able to buy her a new phone.

What this constant resetting process of my daughter’s mobile phone has assisted me notice is that many of the equipment we use daily come with a reset switch or a reset procedure. This is necessary because at some point in the life and usage of the product, its operability and efficacy will become challenged. This happens with every apparatus we use; hence all manufacturers ensure there is a way of resetting their products back to their original functionality. And that is a significant lesson from nature.

I never use to love reading but in recent times I became a notable fan of it due to the tremendous amount of information obtainable out there. One that I discovered and made immediate sense to me was the fact that a human being is made to behave either as a machine or an engineer. What experience suggests is that as a machine, every human being is subject to the influences of his environment willingly or not.

As an engineer the human species possesses the capacity to produce actions that take his life to his desired direction. In both cases whichever way life is lived, there comes a time in a man’s life when functionality is negatively impacted and this can be as a result of either own actions as an engineer or the actions of those around us as a machine.

What we have seen in our lifetime is the expansion and exploitation of the machine aspect of man. History suggests that the industrial revolution triggered the need for raw materials and a market for the new discoveries man started making. The result of this was the discovery of new territories, new continents and new people that the industrialists found to be useful in their cause.

The need for raw material and consumers gave rise to what we know today as colonisation, imperialism, slavery, Apartheid and racial discrimination and many other forms of exploitation. With these actions the most vulnerable in some parts of Europe, Africa and Asia became the tools for the industrial revolution. And what is the purpose of a tool if not to help its owner or user to accomplish a task.

In the most vulnerable of our society, the industrialists and capitalists of this world found comfort in developing the machine aspect as it ensured a constant spirit of consuming without thinking of producing. This created in the world and particularly in the poor that sense of incapacity to achieve anything without the intervention of the capitalists and guaranteed total dependency on the wealthy economies.

To give substance and justification to this cruel process, the industrialists started investing in charity and religious organisations. The aim was to further incapacitate the engineering aspect of man and to some extent lead to the glorification of its races. In recent times we noted the strength and power that human rights and religious organisations exercised on the poor countries to the extent of influencing their leaderships.

Hiding behind the protection of human rights, civil liberties and democracy, the real intent of these organisations was to annihilate the engineering part of man for a more consumer oriented population that would absolutely satisfy the desires of the industrialists. For the wealth and power this mechanism brought to the capitalists economies, it became tempting for their subjects in the vulnerable populations to envy them and their actions. This envy created room and open the door for the patronisation of the poor by the wealthy countries.

What nature teaches however is that, at some point in the life of equipment, their functionality must become obsolete, creating an immediate case for a reset. This is what happens with computer games, mobile phones and various tools man uses to help him accomplish the necessary tasks of daily living.

To overuse the machine aspect of man at the expanse of his engineering part was going to inevitably lead to all aspect of his being getting clogged up. Because, although we seem to be separate entities, we are one family, one people, and one humanity. What this oneness entails is that a pain in one triggers the same pain in everyone else and if this message was not yet sinking, we can look at the Covid-19 to note how it started and quickly spread to other parts of the globe, creating devastations no one on the planet is spared from.

We cannot continue to act in a way that reduces the poor and vulnerable to mere machines because the industrialists and all those who took advantage of them must fuel their appetite for wealth and power. This world was not created for the capitalists. This world was not inspired for the stock markets. This world was not created for the fortunate to take advantage of the vulnerable. This world was not created for the wealthy to exploit the poor.

The poor and vulnerable have exercised enough compassion to accept their need to live peacefully with everyone regardless of their past actions and their negative consequences. They have accepted that wrongs were done perhaps intentionally by some, perhaps not unintentionally by others but there is a need to start afresh. There is a need to reboot and hit the reset button for a new approach to life; an approach that values the spirit of sharing; an approach that puts emphasis on the oneness of humanity and the need to stop exploitation.

The temptation for the status quo must be avoided by the landlords, the retailers, the farmers, the producers and the stock traders. It is time to hit that reset button and Covid-19 is here to make sure it is done, for the betterment of humanity.



Because we are one