A Case for a Reset

Before you start writing an article, and I am sure everyone has had this experience, you look for inspiration in someone or something. In my case, I derive my inspiration from nature. By nature I mean everything that surrounds us and helps make sense of our life. It includes all that God created and all else man thinks, he invented. For me that’s nature and there are a lot to draw from it to help make our lives easier and better.

For this particularly article I received inspiration from my daughter’s mobile phone. It is continually loosing Wi-Fi connectivity and each time that happens, I have to follow the factory reset protocol in other make it useful again. I do this almost weekly until I am able to buy her a new phone.

What this constant resetting process of my daughter’s mobile phone has assisted me notice is that many of the equipment we use daily come with a reset switch or a reset procedure. This is necessary because at some point in the life and usage of the product, its operability and efficacy will become challenged. This happens with every apparatus we use; hence all manufacturers ensure there is a way of resetting their products back to their original functionality. And that is a significant lesson from nature.

I never use to love reading but in recent times I became a notable fan of it due to the tremendous amount of information obtainable out there. One that I discovered and made immediate sense to me was the fact that a human being is made to behave either as a machine or an engineer. What experience suggests is that as a machine, every human being is subject to the influences of his environment willingly or not.

As an engineer the human species possesses the capacity to produce actions that take his life to his desired direction. In both cases whichever way life is lived, there comes a time in a man’s life when functionality is negatively impacted and this can be as a result of either own actions as an engineer or the actions of those around us as a machine.

What we have seen in our lifetime is the expansion and exploitation of the machine aspect of man. History suggests that the industrial revolution triggered the need for raw materials and a market for the new discoveries man started making. The result of this was the discovery of new territories, new continents and new people that the industrialists found to be useful in their cause.

The need for raw material and consumers gave rise to what we know today as colonisation, imperialism, slavery, Apartheid and racial discrimination and many other forms of exploitation. With these actions the most vulnerable in some parts of Europe, Africa and Asia became the tools for the industrial revolution. And what is the purpose of a tool if not to help its owner or user to accomplish a task.

In the most vulnerable of our society, the industrialists and capitalists of this world found comfort in developing the machine aspect as it ensured a constant spirit of consuming without thinking of producing. This created in the world and particularly in the poor that sense of incapacity to achieve anything without the intervention of the capitalists and guaranteed total dependency on the wealthy economies.

To give substance and justification to this cruel process, the industrialists started investing in charity and religious organisations. The aim was to further incapacitate the engineering aspect of man and to some extent lead to the glorification of its races. In recent times we noted the strength and power that human rights and religious organisations exercised on the poor countries to the extent of influencing their leaderships.

Hiding behind the protection of human rights, civil liberties and democracy, the real intent of these organisations was to annihilate the engineering part of man for a more consumer oriented population that would absolutely satisfy the desires of the industrialists. For the wealth and power this mechanism brought to the capitalists economies, it became tempting for their subjects in the vulnerable populations to envy them and their actions. This envy created room and open the door for the patronisation of the poor by the wealthy countries.

What nature teaches however is that, at some point in the life of equipment, their functionality must become obsolete, creating an immediate case for a reset. This is what happens with computer games, mobile phones and various tools man uses to help him accomplish the necessary tasks of daily living.

To overuse the machine aspect of man at the expanse of his engineering part was going to inevitably lead to all aspect of his being getting clogged up. Because, although we seem to be separate entities, we are one family, one people, and one humanity. What this oneness entails is that a pain in one triggers the same pain in everyone else and if this message was not yet sinking, we can look at the Covid-19 to note how it started and quickly spread to other parts of the globe, creating devastations no one on the planet is spared from.

We cannot continue to act in a way that reduces the poor and vulnerable to mere machines because the industrialists and all those who took advantage of them must fuel their appetite for wealth and power. This world was not created for the capitalists. This world was not inspired for the stock markets. This world was not created for the fortunate to take advantage of the vulnerable. This world was not created for the wealthy to exploit the poor.

The poor and vulnerable have exercised enough compassion to accept their need to live peacefully with everyone regardless of their past actions and their negative consequences. They have accepted that wrongs were done perhaps intentionally by some, perhaps not unintentionally by others but there is a need to start afresh. There is a need to reboot and hit the reset button for a new approach to life; an approach that values the spirit of sharing; an approach that puts emphasis on the oneness of humanity and the need to stop exploitation.

The temptation for the status quo must be avoided by the landlords, the retailers, the farmers, the producers and the stock traders. It is time to hit that reset button and Covid-19 is here to make sure it is done, for the betterment of humanity.



Because we are one

The Purpose of Mathematics

In looking to discover an intelligible meaning of mathematics for a layperson, I came across one in an online learning platform called and it appealed to me the most. Verbatim, this is what is said about Mathematics:

Mathematics is the theoretical science of quantity, number, and space, either as abstract concepts (pure mathematics) or as applied to other disciplines (applied mathematics). It further goes on to say it is the science of structure, order, and relation that has evolved from elemental practices of counting, measuring, and describing the shapes of objects.

The previous definition suggests that we use mathematics in every aspect of our routine lives though mostly unknowingly. The most standard usage of mathematics in our lives is perhaps in our homes, when starting a family and deciding on the shape of the body a potential spouse should have or the number of children that partner should help us with. We in addition use mathematics a lot when deciding on the resources required to maintain ourselves and our family together. That is applied mathematics and everyone uses it regardless of their level of education. Mathematics is, therefore, a part of everybody’s routine lives.

What inspired this article is not the promotion of mathematics but rather how the application of it can assist us in solving the puzzle of the challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In some of the branches of mathematics, we learn about addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Furthermore, we learn about X and Y, variable symbols that must be given value in a formula to generate a result that can be applied to a given situation.

In other words, X + Y, X – Y, X * Y or X / Y only become useful to us when the X and Y are given a value. For example, the addition of a male and female may lead to procreation. A family is produced, children are born and a community built. X and Y are given the value of either male or female in order to arrive at the previous result.

In our ordinary application of mathematics, X and Y can be given any value to help us arrive at a positive result, a negative result, a small result or even a big one depending on the values we put in and how we use them. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division produce different results for the same values.

Thus, we learn in society that negative results are produced by increased negativity. In other words when a negative value is higher than the positive value, it can only give a negative value. When we want to increase a positive value, we cannot multiply it by a negative value and expect positive results. If one has three children and wishes to please them all equally, the value at hand must be divided by three. That is what produces balance.

In recent times, in the application of the laws of nature and pure mathematics, humanity engaged in activities, contrary to the dictates of mathematics. In many of our ways of living we sought to generate positive results using only negative values. In our daily actions we sought to overcome the challenges of daily living, using only negative values and as a result, we ended up with more hunger, more poverty, more violence, more crime, more conflicts, and more everything that is purely negative.

We see for example in our society people who seldom give without expectation. We see in our society people who steal from the poor and vulnerable then blame the government for the increase in crime. We see in our society people who are blessed with money but seldom assist the needy. We see in our society people who make a living only from taking advantage of the poor and vulnerable.

I am talking about the folk who is only content to squander his money on women, cigarette and alcohol with no regard for what the results; the consequences would be and when he is ensnared, condemns the government for his failures.

I am talking about the woman who decides to father more children than she can manage and when trapped, condemns the government for not doing anything to support.

I am talking about the Westerner and Chinese who comes to Africa and seeks merely to take without giving back in the similar proportion what they have benefited.

I am talking about the white farmer who seeks merely to make use of black labour without ensuring they are empowered to look after themselves.

I am talking about the charity organisation that distributes aid in Africa not ensuring that the people in need are prepared to stand on their own.

I am talking about the religion entrepreneur; I mean the bishop, the prophet, the pastor who can heal all diseases, expel all demons of poverty but is nowhere to be found in the face of Covid-19 and its effects.

I am talk about the modern day journalist who finds comfort only in excessive negative reporting in total disregard of the consequences of such actions on society.

These are but a few examples of how for a long time we have been giving negative values to the variables X and Y and yet expected positive results to come off them.

Unlike the scientist who derives value in mathematics only in scientific discoveries, the ordinary person ought to use mathematics to improve the living conditions of humanity. To continue to exploit the poor and vulnerable shall only lead to suffering as created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

No doubt, there is enough for everyone to be born, to eat, to grow, to study, to work and to live happily on this planet. The social ills and imbalances are caused by some of us who have taken comfort in breaking the laws of nature in mathematics. These social ills are caused by those who have experienced pain in sharing equally the values imparted to them in solving the equation of life.

A promising future awaits us. A bright future awaits our planet but it is up you and I how we decide to manipulate the values given us. Should we continue to use them negatively, we shall get only negative results but my wish is that as from today, we become better at applying the basic mathematics concepts that will lead to a better life for all.


because we are one.

Africans, Favoured Sons and Daughters of God

As human beings living on this planet earth we differ in many different ways, despite the many common traits we have. Among the things we have in common, the most is the way we are produced and brought into this world. The next point of similarity would be the coming into the world through a mother’s womb. This is part of the creation process that goes from a mere relationship to the production of an independent human being.

The Bible teaches that a living human being is composed of both matter and spirit and says that breath was pushed through the nostrils of the clay to turn it into a living being. So, when a child is born, it breathes its first breath and it is that breath that gives a sign to the nurses and its mother that it is alive. As this child grows, its spirit begins to express itself and associate with its surroundings. There comes a time in the child’s life when it begins to differentiate between forms and colour; it begins creating associations on the basis of the spirit guiding it.

We have many instances where in the presence of some people the child is gleeful and in the midst of others it cries uncontrollably. What happens is its spirit does associates with some and does not with others. The fact is, just like a magnet which has materials we can stick it to and others we cannot, so is the spirit of a human being. It is therefore not a crime to say that Africans and Westerners are not of the same spirit.

One may argue that because we are created by the same God we should also be carrying the same spirits but that is untrue. Yes, we breathe the same breath to come to life but in that breath the spirit we carry differ one from another. This spirit differs according to the purpose for which it came to be. This spirit differs according to the family to which it is associated. That family will lay the platform necessary for it to play its role in society.

A child born from Jewish parents will carry a spirit that enables it to play the role it is meant to play as a Jew. The same applies to a child born from African parents. The Bible in the book of Genesis 6:1-3 says: “When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. Then the Lord said, “My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.”” These verses suggest that, not all human beings were considered sons and daughters of God. In these verses it goes as far as contending that the associations between sons of God and humans were beginning to corrupt His plans, divert His sons from their purpose and lead to wickedness on the earth.

It would therefore not be an exaggeration to say that Africans and Westerners do not create fruitful associations. We were not created to associate in the way that we have. Our purposes are different. Our cultures are different. Our traditions are different. Our skin colours are different and even our spirits are different. Africans and Westerners are not the same. And the conflict between Africans and Westerners can be taken from the time of Cain and Abel. Both were created by God but one felt the other was more favoured by God and decided to bring his life to an end.

I would like to suggest that of all the humans species created by God, Africans were by far the closest to His heart. Many are convinced the base of God is in Africa and that the spirit of God is more active in African people. It was actually this spirit that attracted Europeans in our land before their materialistic spirits got the better of them, and forced them into trade of slaves to help them in their quest to grow their economies.

This conflict between the capitalistic spirit of the Westerners and that of the African people has degenerated into what we experience today. The West from the time of colonisation has worked to maintain its dominance over the people of Africa. Despite the vast resources in our land; resources that would guarantee a better life for all Africans, they in the West still ensure we benefit nothing from these but instead that we continuously depend on them for survival.

They infiltrated all aspects of the Africans lives and forced us into religious practices that are foreign to our traditions as original sons and daughters of God. Our spiritual traditions, they demonised and presented God to us in their own way; a way that is totally contradictory to the Bible’s own perspectives of God. The Westerners presented God as a Caucasian folk, his son Jesus as Caucasian and everybody in the family of God as Caucasian. But this is contrary to the original position of God.

For many centuries Africans were robbed of their heritage as sons and daughters of God by Westerners jealous of the privileges that this status brought with it. Since in life, everything must eventually come to an end, we are seeing a response from our Father, who Himself got tired of the torture His children have gone through and in this response it is obvious that the Westerners usurped our role all this time and have no inheritance to claim from the Creator. Nothing at all! Awakened to this reality, it is now time to reclaim our positions as sons and daughters of God. To God be the Glory!

I am Emmanuel. Nkosinathi. God with us.

It’s the End of the World

Today is my birthday, a very special day for me and my family. I have had to celebrate many birthdays but of particular importance is this one as it falls on the day when the whole country will be forced into lockdown due to Covid-19. Since the start of this health crisis, I have been very vocal about it and its attack on countries from the West. I have also been extremely vocal about today being the end of the world. And I am certain some wait for that end in anticipation taking into account the uncertainty with which life is at the moment but the majority would want to think I am crazy.

When one looks at life in general, be it the life of vegetables, animals or rocks, it requires balance. Balance is required for a human being to walk steadily on any surface. A lack of it will absolutely force him to fall. In the case of our world today, up until the advent of Covid-19 man lived his life as though his chief purpose was to be born, grow, go to school, find a job, get married, have children, have fun, go to church, get old and die. That has been the daily routine of man on this planet earth. And all this in addition to a few more, is influence by the western ways of living.

Whichever country one travels to these days, there is no education system that does not have influences of the west. And these influences which are not limited to education extend to culture and other traditions. What this means is that our young people enter the world with the aim of developing an identity that is totally influenced by the ways of the West.

The world we lived in up to the advent of Covid-19 was a western world throughout the globe and no single country is spared except perhaps North Korea and they have not declared a single case of Covid-19 to date, at least to my knowledge. The influence became so strong that one country, the USA that is, took upon itself a big brother’s role, dictating to the rest of the world how theirs affairs should be run and when instructions were unheeded, sanctions followed. That is the world we lived in up to the advent of Covid-19. Knowing the USA are the custodian of capitalism, one can say we lived in a world of capitalism. When the US economy performed well, everyone thought it right to reproduce their model.

But Covid-19 which first started in China and seems to have subsided there is coming to expose the weaknesses of that world. People are dying in thousands in western countries with infrastructure our own countries cannot compare against.

Spain is desperate. France is desperate. The UK is desperate. The US too is desperate and this is what one would never have expected, looking at the infrastructure these countries display.
The Bible highlights the dangers of western influences particularly in the story of the fall of Adam and Eve. It is my view that what is referred to as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the western culture, which expose us to education, knowledge, science and many other good things. In the same way the colonisers successfully tempted us with their ways of living, so did the serpent with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Western education has brought many changes in our ways of living; many positive changes. But it is these changes that have caused imbalances in our world today. Imbalances that result in the most challenging health crisis mankind has ever experienced. When we talk of crime, it is influenced by the west. When we talk of corruption, it is influenced by the west. When we talk about violence, it is influenced by the west. That is how strong these western influences are.

A new world has been created, new trends set and a new God created in the form of the West. Our own African leaders have been rendered totally depended on the West for everything they do. Whenever they need money, they look to the West. When they need advice, they turn to the West. When they need guidance, they turn to the West. The western influence had become so strong that the other side of life had to give in, necessitating the intervention of the Creator.

Genesis 6: 1-2 teaches that “When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.” These verses suggests that not all members of our society are sons of God. Not all human beings are sons of God and what that means is that for God to guard man against the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that the western influence bring was to protect His own children; it was to protect His people.

Through the practice of colonisation and slavery, the people of God were weakened, and the concept of the Messiah in the Bible teaches that whenever His people were besieged, God intervened by sending someone to help out. In the Gospels, there was a promise of Jesus’ return to save His people and this advent according to the Bible was to be preceded by a series of events like those we witness in the world today in the form of violence, wars, corruption, etc.

The role of the Messiah is not only to rescue His people but also to conquer the lost ground. Our exposure to western imperialism has certainly exposed mankind to the sort of life that made him lose sight of who he truly His and led him to the worship of a God other than the Almighty God, Creator of the heavens and the earth. Each time someone in our land had a problem his first start would be to look for money and only then would he think about God. The Bible says in Matthew 6:33, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” That is a command from God but through western influences, things turn the other way round, necessitating divine intervention.

The world of God became captured by the West and unless God intervened through Covid-19, His own kingdom was going to be overthrown. In Daniel 4, the Bible talks about King Nebuchadnezzar who had grown a power as big as America and their leader. He thought himself so powerful that he considered himself above the Almighty God. And just at the pick of his power, God would bring him down.

Today in the West, despite their wealth and knowledge they have found themselves incapable of dealing with the Covid-19, leading to thousands of deaths and the destruction of their once very powerful economies. The African economies that were built to be dependent on the West are suddenly left vulnerable. Each affected country has now put measures aimed at its own economy leaving Africa on its own.

On our own really? Not a chance, Covid-19 brings to an end the negative impact that western influences caused but creates opportunities for an Africa that can stand on its own. An Africa that is supported by the Almighty God. The temptation to seek advice from the pockets of western influence well established in our land must now stop.

It is time for an economy that is truly African. It is time for a democracy that is truly African. it is time to reclaim our identity as Africans and sons and daughters of God.   

Covid-19 has not only come to rekindle our sense of idenity but most importantly it has brought to end the world of the West that was starting to become a thorn in the flesh of our people. Today, March 26, 2020, the western world in our land, the land of God is coming to an end. To God be the Glory!

I am Emmanuel. Nkosinathi. God with us.

When The Messenger Is Come! (Daniel 4 – Holy Bible)

Being non-African at this time in history seems like a curse when looking at the damage Covid-19 is causing to the world’s superpowers. At first when it started in China, I was among the first to declare that America is responsible for implanting this virus in China to stop them from spreading their wings in Africa and Europe. I based my reasoning on the fact that neither Europe nor Africa had heeded America’s call not to accepted China’s 5G technology. Both Africa and Europe stubbornly decided to give it a try, despite America’s blackmail and the risks associated with doing business with China. Therefore, my argument was reasonably compelling. But then, with the effect of globalisation and the inevitable movement of people, infections moved to countries other than China to eventually hit Italy and its neighbours very hard. While Italy was gearing up for a fight against the virus, America was slowly being sunk in as well, leaving behind damages that seem incomprehensible to the ordinary mind.

That is because man has forgotten he is not an ordinary being. He is a creator of God, and whatever he owns comes from the Creator. The man of today has succumbed to the temptation of praising himself for all his achievements to the point where a series of leaders have arisen, leaders who consider themselves above God and have gotten used to guiding the lives of other people on the planet.

Covid-19 is not just a pandemic. Covid-19 is the effect of what God had already prophesied in Daniel chapter 4 of the Holy Bible. One must remember that it is they Europeans and Americans, currently among the highest causalities that introduced the Bible to the rest of the world. They distribute millions each year in Africa and other parts of the world. But like I wrote in the past, they deprived the world of the spirit of the Bible which was meant to be a book for daily living. The imperialist forces of this world connived with Rome to make the Bible an instrument of exploitation. They developed their wealth on not only greed but mainly deceit. They presented God in a way that he was not and went on to send a multitude of religions in Africa and the world such as the Eckankar, Seventh-day Adventist church, the Watchtowers and the Pentecostal churches, each with its own view of what the return of the Messenger meant.

If truth be told, the base of God has always been Africa. The heart of God has consistently been in Africa, and Africans are God’s chosen people. The oppression that they endured and continued to endure until recently from the West is what is related in the Bible and when God promised to send out a Messenger, it was in line with this truth. The West, with the help of Rome, in Italy presented the Messenger as a Caucasian figure so as to confirm their narrative that a Caucasian person is superior to other races. To strengthen this narrative, they invested in religions whose primary target was Africa, and whose sole view of the Messiah was a Caucasian figure. The African person, therefore, grew up with the expectation of the return of a Caucasian Messiah in person or a Messiah with the spirit of a Caucasian person.

The Western mindset is a criminal mindset and the truth is they developed their wealth at the expense of others. They increased their wealth at the expense of the Africans and the poorest of the poor of this world. They have gone so far in this that America began to consider itself above God and started imposing sanctions on any nation that did not do as it requested. But that was only a trap for themselves in preparation for the return of the Messenger and God’s plan of redemption for his people. America is a fool. Europe is a fool to consider that they could just continue with their oppression with impunity.

Whatever it is they have in the West comes from Africa, the unique source of inspiration for mankind. For Europe or America to consider itself more intelligent or advanced is simply an abomination. How can countries like theirs that are considered more hygienic be hit by a virus that requires a hygienic lifestyle?

According to Daniel 4 in the Holy Bible, this time was to come. Regrettably for the West, they thought they were cheating the poor in Africa by corrupting the spirit of the Bible. They only set a trap for themselves. Because now that the Messenger of God spoken of in the Quran and the Bible has returned they have been found wanting. A man from the West has never been as confounded as they are currently as written in Daniel 4:33 “Immediately what had been said about Nebuchadnezzar was fulfilled. He was driven away from people and ate grass like the ox. His body was drenched with the dew of heaven until his hair grew like the feathers of an eagle and his nails like the claws of a bird.”. Where is the intelligence they claim they possess to find a cure for Covid-19? Where is their intelligence to halt the spread of this virus?

Without Africa, the West has no leg to stand on and that is a fact. To find out where this is headed the story of Nebuchanedzzar in the Bible can enlighten us further. Now is the time for Africa to shine. Now is the time for the chosen people of God and a payback time for Europe and America and in particular America who had grown to consider itself above God.

What an opportunity for humanity to regain its dignity. What an opportunity for Africa to regain its respect as the abode of God. The looting of our natural resources was only a symbol of the exploitation of our spiritual powers by Western countries at our own expense. Now that the recession is evident in Europe, America and China, it is time to take this further and for each African to consider Ubuntu as the exclusive way of life as commanded by the Messenger Himself through Philippians 2:3-4:Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. That’s called Ubuntu, not a human command but God’s for his people, the people of Africa and the world.

I am Emmanuel. Nkosinathi. God with us.

If it’s Xenophobic, Show Me who isn’t

In a typical African family, we grow up a lot closer to our extended family than in most cultures. In Africa we do not marry our cousins because we consider them family. A cousin is just like a sibling and that is my experience of the African way of life.

In this experience, I learned that as we grow older in this African family setup, we become our own people. The experience I had with some of my cousins and siblings when I was younger is not the same today, fourty years or so later. The warmth that I felt back then is no longer the same.

In my own family, I have cousins with whom there is no communication. I have siblings with whom communication is not as smooth as it used to be. That is a new reality I have discovered; a reality I am getting to grips with. The other reality I have come to experience both directly and indirectly, within and without my family, is the experience of family feuds. This is a reality in many families. Be they African or not. Family feuds remain a reality all over the world.

Man was created for a purpose and brought into a certain family for that purpose. The direction that his life takes depends on that purpose for which he was created. The attitude that he adopts towards his family and those that he meets is not static, it shifts according to the purpose of their being together.

I believe in life being a school and everyone and everything we connect with our teacher. The attitude and experience at a particular moment in our lives is highly dependent on the lessons that we are meant to learn one from another. I also believe firmly that in man there are qualities of the rock and elements of the mineral kingdom. I believe firmly that in man there are qualities of the plant and elements of the vegetable kingdom. I believe very strongly that in man there are qualities of animals and elements of the animal kingdom.

What does that tell me? It tells me that at any moment any human being regardless of their nature can display either of those qualities, when called upon to do so by the Creator. When man needs to be soft he will be soft. When man needs to cruel he will be cruel depending on the circumstances and the occasion. This is the reason why it is prescribed in the Holy Scriptures not to judge. We are not any different from those we seek to judge.

The attacks on foreign nationals in the country have led to a lot of debate around the attitude of our people and their sudden amnesia regarding their own passed experiences and the treatment they received from their fellow Africans. Some went as far as calling our people xenophobic and ungrateful. Some called our people wicked and cruel. But as a foreign national myself, I am against this belief. I am very strongly against the painting of my people in such a negative light. My people are humans and all over the world many family feuds are experienced the moment we begin to compete for resources. The moment one member of a family begins to achieve more than the other, jealousy and envy set in. This attitude has neither a cultural barrier nor a racial one. It is a human tendency to be envious and jealous, something that love alone can help overcome.

Everyone on this planet earth creates expectations and the moment we approach life with expectations, we become selfish in all of our actions. Everything one does at that moment is driven by the need to satisfy one’s personal needs first, most often at the detriment of the others. In other words, selfishness does not have a heart for family or friendship. It is me first, and the others after.

When an African migrant or a migrant from another country leaves his homeland in search for opportunities, he is not on a mission to become selfless. He wants to be successful at all costs and is willing to do anything just to succeed. He is also ready to accept whatever is thrown his way for the sake of his mission. Unless he is God, he cannot be expected to be selfless. For those that follow the teachings of Christ, His mission on earth was to preach love. In others words, to help humanity deal with this tendency to be envious, to approach life with expectations and to be selfish.

The Bible tells us in the book of Galatians 5:13-26: “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love. For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other. So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They are in conflict with each other, so that you are not to do whatever you want. But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law. The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. Let us not become conceited, provoking and envying each other.”

The South African who fled the oppression here and found refuge in another country was not there for the same motives. He was not looking to build wealth abroad. The South African who fled his homeland and found refuge in another African country was seeking a place safe for him to fight for freedom. The impressions he sent out were different from those of someone whose mission is to gather wealth at all costs.

The expectations with which we have approached our stay in South Africa are that which undoubtedly attract to us that which we experience today. Our people are humans and any human being will trigger either the characteristic of the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom or the animal kingdom depending on the necessity of the lesson to be learned at that particular moment.

To call my people xenophobic and ungrateful therefore, is not only unreasonable but also totally ignorant of the purpose of life in general and one’s personal role in it.

One fact is true, and that is we are African people, God’s chosen people and this carries with it a unique responsibility towards ourselves and the rest of the world. We are expected to conduct ourselves in a manner that befits the character of God and when we veer off, something has to be done and that something can be pleasant as it can be unpleasant. How we feel and take it, depends on the expectations we have established of life.

Many of us want to carry with us everywhere we go the refugee and beggar mentality, even when we are not refugees. The time has therefore come to assume full responsibility for our role not only in improving our own lives but also the lives of those who share this space with us. When done in a spirit of Ubuntu, in love and service, a cooperative atmosphere will automatically be created, and consequently, peace and prosperity will be enjoyed by all.

I am Emmanuel. Nkosinathi. God with us.

South Africa, my Garden of Eden

I grew up fond of the game of football and seldom returned home immediately after school because I wanted to enjoy the game with my friends. I enjoyed knocking the ball and observing it follow sometimes, the direction that I wanted. And to be honest, most often, it merely took a completely separate direction. Simply said, a football has its own movements that the kicker cannot always control.

Talking about the movements of the football, it is absolutely logical that whenever the ball goes up it must come down, unless it gets jammed somewhere on a tree, it must come down, no matter how high it gets. This up and down movement of the football is seldom given attention in our society. It is a natural law expressed in this movement of the football; a natural law of life.

The tendency in today’s society is to make believe that life is always meant to be on the ascendancy. In other words the moment we are brought into life, all we must expect from it is joy, pleasure, growth, good and enjoyment. As a result, the expectation of a university graduate is always a good paying job, an expensive car, a beautiful house, a loving spouse, beautiful children, a loving family, etc. This is the expectation we have for ourselves and many others in our database.

This expectation gives the misguided notion that when I have gotten a job, I have found happiness; when I have found a partner who satisfies me sexually, I have found happiness; when I have bought a car, I like, I have found happiness; when I have enjoyed good sex, I have found happiness; when I have secured a house I like, I have found happiness. In short the tendency is frequently to seek for happiness in the things of a temporary nature.

Some even go as far as belittling others when in that upper position, ignorant of the lesson in the up and down movements of the football. The most troubling part of this is the consideration within some of our religious beliefs and practices that these up and down movements are part of the work of evil forces. And so we find people praying day and night against these so-called forces of evil working to bring them down; working to force them into downward movements.

Our people have embraced modern living so much to the detriment of the most important laws of life; laws needed to make our journey on earth joyful. A football, thrown even on a plain surface, will have some up and down movements before eventually settling down. That is a fact. We see in the practice of sex how these up and down movements are needed to achieve the temporary enjoyment it brings.

We see in the running of a car, how the wheels have to make up and down movements for it to achieve its goal. Let’s look at a horse. It does not move without up and down movements. The airplane itself does not move without up and down movements. These up and down movements are a part of the journey and ways of life. What all this teaches therefore is that we cannot move forward in life without up and down movements.

What we see in our people today is the belief that the moment Apartheid has ended, life must be smooth in the country. What we see in our people is the belief that the moment there is a new leader in power, life must be rosy. What we see in our people is the belief that the moment there is change of employer, life must be jolly. What we see in our people is the belief that the moment there is change of partner, life must be smooth. And when God starts addressing that false belief, that false notion of life, we start calling it evil looking to blame someone for the pain that comes with it.

Why do some foreign national differ in strength of character from some of our people? Why does a foreign national come to South Africa and manages to make a living while locals struggle to do so? Why does a foreign national find opportunities in this country while locals battle to survive? To answer this question, one must consider the lessons from the football which has to experience up and down movements before eventually finding stability.

Only 25 years ago were our people physically liberated. Have our people yet gone through the necessary up and down movements needed to achieve maturity? One may argue that Apartheid was hard and cruel enough to help our people achieve that level of maturity but that is certainly not the case because struggles differ.

In the past the purpose was to free ourselves from the oppressors; to free ourselves physically. And now that it has been achieved, we need to free ourselves mentally too, something that can only be done by ourselves and within ourselves.

God puts a tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden and employs a tempter to assist in testing my mental freedom. If I resist the temptation, I am liberated but if I fail, I am held captive and will have to experience the down movements again and again until I learn to resist.

God does not employ words to direct us. He does not use names to instruct us. God uses the objects of his creation. He uses all realities. In other words, illegal substances such as drugs are not in themselves a problem in our society. These substances, which can be likened to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, are not a problem to society.

In reality, they are a means to guide man out of slavery; out of captivity. And how does man achieve freedom, it is through mental strength. One has got to be strong mentally in order to be free from all kinds of temptations. Without mental freedom, there is no hope of happiness.

Blaming it on illegal immigration or on drugs from foreigners is therefore a total disregard not only of the spirit of the Bible but also a misunderstanding of the consequences that the victims, Adam and Eve, and the tempter, the serpent faced as a result of their individual roles in disobeying God’s command. Adam blamed Eve; Eve blamed the serpent but that did not stop God from punishing them all. They were all guilty.

There is only one thing that will release us from our slumber and that is the experience of the realities of life through its up and down movements. The pain we are having to go through at the present moment is therefore necessary; it is needed because without it we will not achieve any form of progress in life.

The time has come therefore to stare reality in the face and understand that these things of a temporary nature, we put our hopes into, only bring enjoyment and pleasure that is temporary. True happiness starts when mental freedom has been achieved and for that, pain is needed; a different kind of pain.

That pain can last a minute; it can last an hour. That pain can last a day; it can last a week. That pain can last a month; it can last a year; that pain can last a decade; it can last a lifetime. It is up to me how I embrace it. If I embrace it as a necessity and follow the lesson attached to it, I move forward. If I embrace it as a curse and interfere with the lesson in it, I continue sinking. Like with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, the choice is undeniably mine. Accusing the tempter is accusing God and this won’t clear up my problem but standing strong in the face of temptation will, assuredly.

I am Emmanuel. Nkosinathi. God with us.

Charity driven by Ubuntu

The first thing I learned when I began to discover myself was that in man just like in every reality there are always two aspects: The mechanical and the engineering aspects. To put it simply one may say that, there are the receiving and the giving aspects in man. This discovery and knowledge came to me at a time when I was battling to determine the relevance of a new religious path I had joined. In that path, everything was depended of its leader including my own life’s experiences. I battled to make sense of this and immediately became rebellious against it. This rebellious attitude forced me to becoming very curious in search for truth until I ultimately discovered the truth that matched my needs.

Indeed, there are two aspects in man, the cause on the one side and effect on the other; the mechanical on the one and engineering aspect on the other. In order for me to receive, someone must give, and that is a fact about life; a fact on which the reality of life is based. Consequently, when I started working to start a non-profit organisation aiming to contribute something to life, the first thing that came to mind was the target market. Who was I going to target for this initiative? Who was I going to serve? The more I researched about needy causes in the country the more I felt overwhelmed.

There are so many needy people out there that I will not alone have the resources to aid them, no matter how much money was put in. I nevertheless decided to choose an area of focus, underprivileged children in Orange Farm, their caregivers and their communities. It made a lot of sense for me to start there as I felt the geographical location, the unemployment rate and other factors considered made a reasonable case to us it as a target area.

The more I tried to set myself up, hoping to partner with local organisations, the more challenging it became. At some point even to distribute second hand clothing became a challenge. I went to a local church aiming to utilise their premises as a base, it wasn’t simply granted. One would imagine that when you want to do something good, God would simply make everything run smooth for you. That certainly wasn’t the case with me and is not correct about life in general. I experienced more challenges trying to setup this organisation than I would have, had it been a profit making business.

But what I gathered from it in the end was that I was going about this the wrong way. I had just discovered a profound truth about the mechanical and engineering aspects of life and getting into this project, I had have experienced it myself. Put differently, there is an aspect of a man’s life that constitute his reality and when people find themselves in certain conditions it is not always a bad thing as we are made to believe. Someone is meant to benefit from that experience. There are undeniably many genuine cases of poverty in the country in the area I had chosen but it is how to resolve these challenges that counts most.

Many organisations exist on the ground with varied objectives, doing wonderful work; work that is certainly beneficial to the communities they serve. And as a result a culture of expectancy is developed; it is entrenched in many minds in that community, either from government or from the charity organisations.

When we place people in a position to become helpless it can in itself produce a problem not only to themselves but to society in general. It creates a culture of blame, and others become responsible for their own failings in life. Life is about balance. It is about rhythm. Life is about giving and taking and when one side becomes more or less participative than the other, it leads to disorder within oneself and without. And so, when in one community people settle for the life of charity, there is very little prospect of growth and expansion in their lives. Development must be tackled from within first before it is extended outside.

To start a charity organisation aimed at helping the poor can become in itself an enormous problem. The Bible tells us that man was created in God’s image and in His likeness, meaning that the creative powers of God are equally in man. This enables him to engineer his own life, his own destiny but for this to happen, he needs to become the master of his own life.

Living for charity creates the slave mentality. It creates the victim mentality. Living for charity creates a lack of responsibility; it produces the attitude of expectancy. We are constantly expecting to be given and when that does not happen, we start to blame others because it is their fault if things do not happen as expected. It is this attitude that makes it easier for people in protest actions to destroy properties. They see no value in them and there no sense of ownership.

The thought of all this led me to reengineering my organisation and confronting the issue of the needy a bit differently. What was needed therefore was an organisation that empowers people to become masters of their own circumstances, masters of their own destiny. In order to achieve this, one had to look at the cause of the current situation.

What makes man remains the experience he has of his life. A child that hasn’t been burned by fire will gain no knowledge of the danger that it poses. Nature teaches us that we can either learn from other people’s experiences or from our own. What people go through in their quotidian lives is not meant to destroy them. It teaches them something about themselves, with poverty and other social ills included in the experiences that they have to go through. After all it is only because of darkness that light is relevant. Without some of those experiences life would be flat and dull for many.

In trying to provide relief to the needy, many factors are to be taken into account including the necessary personal experiences that man must go through for his own growth. After all there is a purpose in every experience of life. To approach and take someone out of a necessary experience causes more harm than good.

Every so often the lesson in the experience is that one needs to learn to vary the angle from whence one constantly perceives things, to have a more unobstructed view. But this movement from one angle to the next does not happen naturally, it has to be forced upon us sometimes. That is why a thorough analysis of the conditions that lead people into poverty is always needed before starting a project such as this one.

There are indisputably enough resources in this country to deal with poverty but people need to feel a part of the team. They need to be made to be a part of the package of resources needed to address issues of poverty. The best way of doing this is by helping them to rediscover themselves. They need to rediscover their roots, their own beings as people created in the likeness of God. The cognisance of this makes a considerable difference.

African people are spiritual people, naturally. They are very spiritually active and what this means is that their actions produce a more immediate effect on their environment than others and particularly westerners. What this means also, is that when dealing with Africans care has to be taken not to hurt their inner core. The moment the inner core is affected, the rest of the being becomes problematic; it becomes conflicted. It is this conflict that extends to our surroundings. For an African man, conflicts are not created from without, they start from within and that is a fact.

Remedying problems affecting the lives of African people needs to start from within their beings. Who else can comprehend this fact better than an African? The experience of the past, in the Apartheid regime certainly contributed in damaging the being of the man in this land, to the point where he lost his sense of identity. To put it simply, many of us in this land do not recognize who we truly are. With the forced displacement that took place in this country, many are not quite sure of their true identity and even when they claim to be this or that, there is nothing to prove it to them.

How does one begin to assist people so deeply rooted in this life? How does one begin to support people whose sense of belonging, whose sense of identity has been so badly bruised? How does one begin to aid people who have derived comfort in merely expecting without the desire to contribute? How does one begin to help people who foster the culture of violence? How does one begin to help people who justify the life of a victim?

In mathematics we learn that two negatives do not lead to a positive, they merely increase the negative. Getting into this type of venture, care must be taken not to worsen the situation. An orphan whose only hope of survival is the community he lives in, is a genuine case. A disabled child whose parents cannot afford the day to day expenses connected with his condition is a genuine case, and there are many other genuine cases that warrant the intervention of charity organisations. But the problem is not in the intervention; the problem is in the type of intervention that is supplied.

A person whose sense of identity is bruised need more than food, he needs more than just shelter. The sad reality is that many of the communities in which intervention is needed are characterised by violence and all kinds of social ills and that is a sign deep rooted issues that demand a totally different remedy to tackle. The amount of violence prevalent in these communities is a sign of the intolerant nature of the society we live in; a society that has come short on love, tolerance and forgiveness.

Prior to the advent of the settlers on the continent, there was a principle that connected every African man living on this land, something that is more like a spirit, the proof of the spirituality of the man of Africa. And that is the spirit of Ubuntu, simply translated as “I am because you are.”What this Ubuntu also means to me is, “I am not you are”, a very mystical saying that makes man see himself in other. And when you see yourself in the other, you do nothing to the other than you would not do to yourself. In the Ubuntu philosophy one begins to see himself more and more in his fellowman and when that is achieved, love, tolerance and forgiveness that we need so much currently become part of the quotidian life. No wonder man lived peacefully with his surroundings, his neighbours back then because his life was directed by this divine principle.

The foundation for charity in African soil, therefore, has to be laid with the identity of man in mind and the spirit of Ubuntu as a base. This philosophy of Ubuntu is what gives man the strength and courage to face life and all its challenges. This is what activates the engineering part of his being, allowing him to be more of a master than a slave of his circumstances. After all that is what we require to overcome the challenges we are beset with in society today.

A man living by the principles of Ubuntu is an inspired man. He is creative in every aspect of his life and will never be overwhelmed by life’s challenges. This man knows that in him it is not him who lives but God, the source of all that exists, even those we consider evil.

I am Emmanuel. Nkosinathi. God with us.