Our Mission

We empower children, the youth and women in our communities in partnership with all stakeholders to help create a better today and brighter tomorrow using the core principles of Ubuntu.

What we Do

The Clarion Development Agency intervenes to reduces pain and suffering in the world at three levels: the community, business and government leaderships. These three spheres contribute to the conditions in which people find themselves today. The way in which the community reacts to government interventions and business involvements influences the atmosphere in which they live and consequently the conditions of life. On the other hand, a business that balances the need for profits with those of the community contribute more towards sustainable living and creates conditions where government is better positioned to serve its people. For this reason, we have carefully and purposely selected programs that ensure balanced support as follows:

  • Education and Training for a better expression in the country’s economy.
  • Life Skills Development for a better understanding of the experience of life.
  • HIV and AIDS Care and Counselling to help reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS in our society.
  • Substance Abuse Care and Support to deal with issues of substance abuse in our communities and among the youth in particular.
  • Arts and Sports to foster teamwork, discipline and focus and to develop creative thinking and imagination skills.
  • African Heritage Training programs to strengthen the sense of identity necessary for purposeful living.
  • Ubuntu Advocacy to rekindle the spirit of Ubuntu in our society.

Our Story

The Clarion Development Agency is committed to contributing to a better today and a brighter future in South Africa. In an atmosphere where children are deprived of love and intolerance is the order of the day and the way of life, hope for a better future becomes an illusion.

Apart from the constant socio-economic challenges facing our country, the environment in which our children are growing create a case for the renaissance of the spirit of Ubuntu.

Only when our hearts are receptive can any sort of program intended to improve the people’s lives can have the desired effect. Only when there’s Love can we find the inspiration we need to tackle the growing demands of our lives. Only when we are Tolerant can we be elevated above the challenges that we face daily and only when we begin to practice Forgiveness constantly can we liberate ourselves from the clutches of poverty and unemployment which create pain and suffering in our society.

At the Clarion Development Agency, we seek to provide the platform for tackling life’s and societal challenges through the rekindling of the spirit of Ubuntu as the real motivation for investing and caring for the needy.

It is only when we are genuinely interested in sharing our pains and gains with others, will we make this world a better place to live.

We Support, Love and Care

We are driven by the deep desire to live a life of purpose and contribute to the lives of those we come in contact with whatever their experiences. It is through our individual contributions that this world can become a better place to live. But this contribution needs not necessarily be material. The most effective contribution is in the form of Love, Tolerance and Forgiveness, summed up in the spirit of Ubuntu! It is this Ubuntu that makes people want to add value to their wealth by sharing freely with those in need and thus reducing pain and suffering in the world.

We do not hide our love for God and base all our messages on personal experiences and encounters with Him, the Source and Creator of all in the world.

We are the Helping Hands of God for these Children

These children get to experience the love of God only through people like you and I. Unless we share that Love, in the spirit of Ubuntu with them, their hopes for a better today and a brighter tomorrow will be nothing but a dream.

Insure A Child’s Future. Give it Some Love, the Ubuntu Way.

Insure A Child’s Future. Give it Some Love, the Ubuntu Way.

Insure A Child’s Future. Give it Some Love, the Ubuntu Way.

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