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In every country, there is a history. In every history, there is a story. A story to tell about the past and prepare for the future. One of the legacies of the past in this part of the world is the huge gap between the comfortable and the not so comfortable. This has created lots of opportunities for social investment particularly in vulnerable children.

The Clarion Development Agency, as a community organisation, is reaching out to the community of Orange Farm, south of Johannesburg to assist in bridging the gap of poverty. The life of children in any community is reflected in their environment and in Orange Farm, it is no different. The community of Orange Farm is characterised by high rates of HIV and AIDS, poverty, child and women abuse, substance abuse, high unemployment, crime and many other social ills. No intervention plan will be successful unless it gives due attention to the needs of children, their parents and caregivers and the needs of the community.

At the Clarion Development Agency, our programs focus primarily on vulnerable children because children are the future. Research as shown that every great nation has been successful because it invested in its children. For us, investing in children means ensuring that those who look after them are given the support they need, so they can produce children who can express themselves freely and grow to be functional and responsible members of society. This includes parents, family members, caregivers and the members of the community they get to interact with, because ultimately they all influence the life of these children.

Contributing to a better tomorrow

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Early Childhood Development Support

Early Childhood Development is recognised by Unicef as the key to a full and productive life for a child and to the progress of a nation.

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Life Skills Training

Life skills training provides a good transition into adulthood for children and helps with critical thinking and problem solving.

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Trade Skills Training

One of the most important ways to prepare for a future career is to learn a trade through practical experience and hands-on training.

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Health and Wellness

Our children can only live meaningful and purposeful lives when their lives are balanced physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

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Character Building

One of our mottos is "We are not victims, we are leaders." And leaders are distinguished by their strong character.

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African Heritage

We are helping our children build a positive cultural identity, giving them a sense of belonging and self-esteem.

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Townships Economic Support

Creating employment opportunities increases economic activity in the townships, reduces poverty and improves the quality of life.

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About the Founders

Of what value is your time, unless it is used to give hope to the hopeless? Of what value is your money unless it is used to put a smile on child's face? Of what value is your house unless it can provide shelter to someone who has no place to call home? Of what value are your possessions, unless they are shared with the poor? While reflecting deeply on these questions, Nonhlanhla, Meisie, Tshepang, Mpho, Emmanuel and Brian got together and decided to take a step. They took a step towards influencing the community of Orange Farm for a positive change. A change that will leave a lasting legacy.

Having to compare the lives of the children in the suburbs with the lives of those in the townships, it was obvious some drastic action needed to be taken. Expecting children in the townships to perform in school as well as those in the suburbs was simply not acceptable. This was the call to action. This was the start of The Clarion Development Agency, to lend a hand for a better tomorrow for the many vulnerable children in the townships of this country and particularly those in Orange Farm, a community in the south of Johannesburg. Through The Clarion Development Agency, they are creating a platform through which children in the townships are able to live a life of their purpose and dreams, thus become leaders their communities.
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Sponsor a Child Today!

Every child that needs sponsorship has a story. Rhandzu is a 14 year's old. She happens to be one of the first sponsored children in her community who recently completed primary school.

Today, she is full of joy and is glowing at the realisation that her dreams of being a medical doctor are being awakened after she was blessed with a sponsor about a year ago.

Her story is just one of many around the world, of children whose dreams of better tomorrow have been realised through child sponsorship. Sponsorship provides you with an opportunity to have a personal impact on a child's life. Your monthly gift will support one boy or girl as they grow into their life's purpose.

Rhandzu's needs are being met