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Each parent wants a brighter future for their children. We all want the future generation to live better than we I do. That is every parent’s dream. But how do we achieve that? How do we make that happen? How do we ensure that when we are no more, those we leave behind are guaranteed a brighter future?

At the Clarion Development Agency, we believe now is the time to prepare for tomorrow. What happens tomorrow depends of what we do today.

We are an angry nation and that is a fact. We are wounded people and that is a fact. Our actions are driven by intolerance and that is fact. Intolerance breeds coldness of heart and when the heart is cold, love is not present and in the absence of love, selfishness abounds.

Selfishness is the route of poverty in society because the earth has enough for everyone but when we are selfish we do not share and want everything for ourselves and nothing for others.

At the Clarion Development Agency, we strongly believe a tolerant attitude is what is missing to create the platform for a life of joy, peace and prosperity for all. A brighter future lies in living a life guided by the spirit of tolerance towards myself and those around me as it is written by Hazrat Inayat Khan Love which manifests as tolerance, as forgiveness, that love it is which heals the wounds of the heart.

Giving Hope for Tomorrow

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United 4 Love-Tolerance-Forgiveness

Influencing our leaders and society towards a culture Ubuntu and the principles of Love, Tolerance and Forgiveness to create an atmosphere conducive to nation building.

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The Power of One

Plurality starts with singularity. Taking one small step each day can lead to a better today and a brighter tomorrow.

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Early Childhood Development Support

Early Childhood Development is recognised by Unicef as the key to a full and productive life for a child and to the progress of a nation.

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Life Skills Training

Life skills training provides a good transition into adulthood for children and helps with critical thinking and problem solving.

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Trade Skills Training

One of the most important ways to prepare for a future career is to learn a trade through practical experience and hands-on training.

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Health and Wellness

Our children can only live meaningful and purposeful lives when their lives are balanced physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

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Character Building

One of our mottos is "We are not victims, we are leaders." And leaders are distinguished by their strong character.

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African Heritage

We are helping our children build a positive cultural identity, giving them a sense of belonging and self-esteem.

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Townships Economic Support

Creating employment opportunities increases economic activity in the townships, reduces poverty and improves the quality of life.

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About the Founders

What does it take to change the world? Is it in our power to change the world we live in today? Do we have the resources necessary to change our world? In an effort to find answers to these questions and more, friends got together and gave birth to the Clarion Development Agency which as platform through which each of the founder members can influence society for a better life today and a brighter tomorrow.

The founders come from diverse backgrounds but each with a different set of attributes necessary to make this project work. What is more is that each one of our founder members views life differently, but it is in that divergence that we are able to create the harmony necessary to achieve our goals.

In addition to our founder members, we consider each member of society to be a part of the project whether directly or indirectly involved. We say so because we believe everyone in their own way works towards a better tomorrow and this platform is here to provide the needed support.
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Ensuring a brighter future today!

At the Clarion Development Agency, it is our firm belief that society acts according to the impressions and influences to which they are exposed and their ability to discern between good and bad influences.

As much as access to Internet has brought with it many positives to ease our navigation of this planet, on the other hand it is creating a society highly dependent on news headlines to make decisions. The speed at which we are bombarded with headlines news makes it very challenging for the average person to reason and make sound judgements in the face of the current life challenges.

By sponsoring our programs, you contribute to a better today and brighter future.

The future is brighter