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At The Clarion Development Agency, we believe firmly that those who go through pain and grow from it are better prepared to face life and its challenges. So, not only do we provide a safe-haven for abandoned and vulnerable children, we also assist them through education, training and healthy nutrition programmes.
Happiness is everyone's inheritance. A conducive environment and a loving atmosphere are necessary for one to thrive in life. Through our education and training programmes we equip children with the skills necessary to become functional and responsible leaders in their respective groups.
A child's life is influenced not only by its immediate environment but also by those he comes in contact with. Your act of love can have a tremendous impact on a child's outlook on life and his future.

Contrbuting to a better tomorrow

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African Heritage

We are helping our children build a positive cultural identity, giving them a sense of belonging and self-esteem.

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Health and Wellness

Our children can only live meaningful and purposeful lives when their lives are balanced physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

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Character Building

One of our mottos is "We are not victims, we are leaders." And leaders are distinguished by their strong character.

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Sports Training

Strong leaders are recognised by their strength of character. Sports play a vital role in preparing future leaders.

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Our future depends on leaders who are able to think out of the box and thinking creatively.

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Children's Home

We are not creating camps but homes where boys and girls not only feel safe but can thrive and realise their full potential.

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Baby Rescue

This is about restoring health to malnourished children and empowering their families through education and skills training.

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About the Founders

For Emmanuel, Angela and Nonhanhla, working with children is something they consider a calling, not a duty. They are all passionate about contributing to the wellbeing of children in this country and the world. For them it is not so much the suffering that these children are having to endure, it is more how these difficulties shape their future and that of the country. Without adequate guidance and support, it is easy to fall into the victim trap and see life as a curse.

In creating The Clarion Development Agency, our goal is to create an atmosphere where vulnerable children are able to live a life of their purpose and dreams, thus become leaders in their communities.
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Sponsor a Child Today!

Every child that needs sponsorship has a story. Rhandzu is a 14 year's old. She happens to be one of the first sponsored children in her community who recently completed primary school.

Today, she is full of joy and is glowing at the realisation that her dreams of being a medical doctor are being awakened after she was blessed with a sponsor about a year ago.

Her story is just one of many around the world, of children whose dreams of better tomorrow have been realised through child sponsorship. Sponsorship provides you with an opportunity to have a personal impact on a child's life. Your monthly gift will support one boy or girl as they grow into their life's purpose.

Rhandzu's needs are being met